How to kill Sasquatch in Cyberpunk 2077?

Sasquatch is a leader of Animals gang in Cyberpunk 2077. She is a tough boss which isn’t easy to kill. She has a high resistance to all damage types making her a serious enemy. This guide will explain how to defeat this NPC as fast and as easy as possible.

Abilities and Powers?

All the “Animals” in the game rely on physical powers so you will face a very strong “machine”. She prefers melee combat and her main weapon is a huge two-handed Industrial Sledgehammer with 149 physical DPS. She will not be standing on the same place as Royce. She will be trying to come as close to you as possible to smash your head with this thing.


Your advantage is speed and reaction. All her melee attacks are slow and it takes her some time to prepare the attack. You will see when she wants to hit you and you will have time to move to a safe spot. Just pay attention to how she acts and move a lot in the left and the right directions.

But melee attacks aren’t the only type of combat she uses! If you are an agile person and successfully avoid her attacks she can surprisingly throw her heavy hammer into you. Yes, guys, she throws that weapon knocking you down. If you don’t avoid the hammer, you will find yourself on the ground and Sasquatch will grab you, punch several times and will try to hack you. If her hacking attempt is successful, you will see artifacts on the screen, making it more difficult to aim.

How to kill her?

Sasquatch has only one weak spot. You can see it if you use your optical scanner. This weak spot is a shiny power supply at the bottom part of her back. The power supply is very easy to find and it is your primary target. It looks like it is the main source of electricity for her implants and shields and she stays very difficult to defeat while this thing is active.

Sasquatch Weak Spot

You need to shot this power supply several times in order to deactivate it. The easiest way to do this is to wait until the start of her melee attack and leap behind her. Doing this, you will have some time to hit that power source. After several shots, it will stop shining and you will know that the work is done. Now the enemy is defenseless.

Pay attention: destroying the power supply isn’t the end. Now she doesn’t block your damage, but she still stays deadly. Continue hitting the boss with your regular attacks until you do the job.

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