How to kill Royce in Cyberpunk 2077?

Royce is a tough boss to kill in Cyberpunk 2077 because of strong defense and high damage output. This guide will tell you everything you need to know for fighting with this NPC: his weak spots, powers, and effective mechanics against him.


Abilities and Powers

The enemy prefers ranged combat. He will not be trying to get close to you like Sasquatch. He will be attacking you from distance instead. He has a special exoskeleton equipped with a very strong blaster-like gun that deals thermal damage. This gun has several attack modes:

  • Traditional shots: the gun fires a single projectile.
  • Blaster attack: the NPC stands in a special position and fires a blast from his gun for several seconds. You can slide below this blast in order to avoid damage.
  • Multiple shots: the NPC prepares the attack and fires multiple quick shots one after another. It looks like an assault rifle styled attack. If you move from side to side you will most likely be able to avoid most of the sots.

Royce doesn’t use any other abilities or powers. He just rotates the above attacks. So you will not see any surprises.

What makes this NPC tough is the level of his defense. He has a big cyber shield, powered by a battery on the back. This shield is very effective because of its large size. The boss can hide behind this shield to resist all your damage.

How to kill?

Royce has low resistance to Electric damage, so make sure you have an electric weapon in your inventory before the encounter. He also has medium resistance to physical damage and you can try to finish him with a traditional gun.

As mentioned earlier, he has a very good defense and you will not be able to kill him until you get rid of his shield. The good news is that the shield isn’t physical; it’s a cyber-item. In order to disable it you need to attack special power source which powers and maintains it. This source is located on the back of the NPC. It looks like a medium-size square box.

Royce's shield power supply

You need to get closer to the enemy, wait until he starts his attack and slide behind him. Then hit this box several times until it’s destroyed.

Pay attention: don’t stop your pressure after you disable the shield. Royce is still alive and will try to finish you.

Many of you may have difficulties with reaching a good position for attacking the power supply. Yes, it’s not easy. Try to hide behind different objects and get closer to the enemy. Then, wait until he starts one of his powerful attack and act.   

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