Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One to Xbox Series X Migration Guide

This guide contains all the important information for those players who want to migrate from Xbox One to Xbox Series X and continue playing Cyberpunk 2077 on a new platform. We have collected all the popular questions and have found the answers.

Switching to a new generation of consoles may be a pain. That’s because you may be forced to purchase your favorite games once again. Microsoft confirmed, that the new console will have a program that allows playing a game on both generations of consoles, but only if the game developer supports this feature. Microsoft isn't responsible for this. As you see, re-purchasing isn't always required. Everything depends on the developers of each game.

Q: Do I have to purchase Cyberpunk 2077 once again if I switch to Xbox Series X?

A: No, you will not have to buy the game again if you do a migration. On the 24th of February 2020 developers published a Tweet telling that they will not force gamers to purchase a game twice after an upgrade to a better console. People in CD Projekt Red think that players shouldn't suffer from such things and will provide a free migration option. This information is official and you can find it on Twitter.

Q: When will the game become available on Xbox Series X?

A: Not so long ago CDPR published some information about this. They said that Cyberpunk 2077 will be available on Xbox Series X right after the console is launched. This is great news. You will be able to enjoy the game right after you purchase a new console. But there is one thing you need to know: this will not be a "next-gen" special edition. This will be an original Cyberpunk 2077 but adapted for the next-gen consoles. This is a temporary solution that allows players to enjoy the game on any platform.

Q: Will there be an exclusive edition of the game boosted for next-gen consoles?

A: Yes, developers said that they will make a special "reforged" edition of the game for next-gen consoles. It will have much better graphics and will allow players to see all the power of the new platforms.

Q: When will the "remastered" edition be released?

A: Right now there is no information about when CDPR will release the "remastered" Cyberpunk. It looks like we will have to wait for at least 3-4 months after next-gen consoles become available on the market.

Q: Will the "remastered" version replace the original game when it comes out? What about my saved progress?

A: Right now we don't have enough information. We think that the remastered game will replace the original entirely. But your progress will not be wiped. Destroying all the savegames isn't a good thing.

Pay Attention: This guide isn't finished. We will update it once more information is available.

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