Kang Tao Type 41

Epic item
87 DPS
12 Penetration
44 Accuracy
15 Fire Rate
  • Recoil: 2
  • Spread: 1
  • Range: 17
Kang Tao Type 41

Kang Tao Type 41 is a weapon in Cyberpunk 2077. It has a very useful feature: the bullets of this weapon track the target automatically, meaning you don’t need to aim perfectly.

Traditional guns have a rather small aim. Usually, it’s a cross or something like this. But when you hold this gun you see a big square area on the screen instead. This square area is an aim. You need to point this large area to a target and start firing. The gun will automatically detect the enemy and will start shooting special rocket-like bullets. These bullets will track the target and hit it.

The bullets have an unusual trajectory, allowing you to reach the target even if there is an object stinging in-between you and the enemy. You can be in a safe place and still hit the foe with this gun. It is a very powerful feature!

This item appeared in 48 minutes of gameplay video. In that video, V found the gun in Maelstrom Base and used it to counter Royce – a leader of the gang and a rather tough in-game “boss”. V used Kang Tao Type 41 to shot Royce while staying behind a car. She was standing in a safe place and didn’t see Royce, but the gun was able to reach the target anyway.