Budget Arms Blunderbuss

Uncommon item
90 DPS
33 Penetration
12 Accuracy
3 Fire Rate
  • Recoil: 6
  • Spread: 6
  • Range: 8
Budget Arms Blunderbuss

Budget Arms Blunderbuss is a very cool shotgun in Cyberpunk 2077. It has a lower range than a traditional assault rifle but it has better damage. This weapon is great in close range encounters when your enemies are located not far from you.

It has two bullets in the magazine allowing you to shot twice before reloading.

This gun has a very useful feature: it can penetrate walls and other types of cover. This allows hitting a target if it is trying to hide from you.

It also has an ultimate fire mode that allows to power up shots dealing more damage. When you start empowering the attack, you will see a special indicator below the aim. The indicator shows how deadly your shot will be. Such empowered shots are very effective when you are standing very close to your enemy.

This type of attack isn’t required when you are fighting against weak enemies because you can destroy them with one regular shot if you are close enough. But this attack may be very useful when you are fighting a strong boss with high HP and different shields.

As you see this weapon isn’t just a simple shotgun. It has some very nice features that you will most likely like a lot.