Cyberpunk 2077 Weapons: Full List

There are different weapons in Cyberpunk 2077. All of them have different power and characteristics. Some of them may surprise you with unique features like auto-aiming or wall penetration. Here you can find the list of all the weapons you can find in the game.

Assault Rifles Shotguns Pistols







Fire rate

Cost (E$)

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Kang Tao Type 41
Kang Tao Type 41Epic
DPS: 87
PEN: 12
ACC: 44
FR: 15
REC: 2
SP: 1
RA: 17

Auto tracking bullets

Budget Arms Blunderbuss
Budget Arms BlunderbussUncommon
DPS: 90
PEN: 33
ACC: 12
FR: 3
REC: 6
SP: 6
RA: 8

Wall penetration Charged shots

Militech M-31A1 AICW
Militech M-31A1 AICWRare
DPS: 89
PEN: 15
ACC: 34
FR: 10
REC: 4
SP: 5
RA: 13

Charged shots

Federated Arms
Federated Arms "Vindicator"Rare
DPS: 79
PEN: 22
ACC: 12
FR: 8
REC: 4
SP: 4
RA: 9