Valentinos is one of the main Gangs in Cyberpunk 2077. Unlike other gangs that aim to control territories and cash flows, Valentinos are focused on seducing the most attractive women in Night City. They look like they are not harmful and they are located mostly in Heywood.

This gang is one of the largest. It consists of many members who have a strong moral codex and respect the old traditions of the gang. They respect honor, brotherhood, and justice.

Like many other factions in the game, they also have their own unique style. They like to demonstrate their jewelry, gold-plated guns, cool cars and they wear colorful clothes.

As for the income, they control mostly legal businesses like nightclubs, construction companies, and so on. But all of these businesses may also be used for shady operations. They sell stolen cars, smuggle guns, sell drugs, control prostitution, and so on.


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