Tyger Claws

Tyger Claws is a Gang in Cyberpunk 2077. It consists mostly of Japanese and they use mostly Japanese-styled weapons. Originally, they didn’t like to use cyberware. But things have changed and nowadays they rely on it as long as on traditional weapons and martial arts. Their main goal is to protect Japanese citizens of Night City.

As for the vehicles, they prefer to use motorcycles instead of cars.

This gang is one of the largest and the richest. They own and control a lot of businesses: both legal and illegal. They run casinos, restaurants, braindance clubs, and so on. Many of their legal spots serve as a cover for illegal operations. They sell drugs, perform different dirty jobs, and are involved in prostitution.

Tyger Claws gang is connected with the top management of the Arasaka company. They say the Claws do different jobs for this company and receive weapons and cyberware in return.


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